BRF Grindstugan

BRF Grindstugan

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In 2016 together with Alight AB, Energy Machines developed a cost-effective geothermal energy solution for Inspiration Rosendal, Uppsala's greenest housing project to date. The successful collaboration continued in 2018 with Rosendal Fastigheter's new residential housing complex at BRF Grindstugan, focused on creating an attractive neighborhood for socializing and living in comfort.

Building specs:

Type: Residential
Floor area: 10,712 m2
Number of apartments: 91
Energy system specs:
Heating power: 150 kW
Cooling power: 125 kW
Estimated COP: 4.65
Borehole meters: 4,000 m
Energy delivery: 615 MWh per year (Domestic hot water: 43.5%, Heating: 41%, Cooling: 15.5%)

At BRF Grindstugan, Energy Machines designed the building's energy central and delivered a model EM1 combined heat pump-and-chiller to supply the building with heating, cooling, and domestic hot water. EM Control software enables the system to be well adapted for smooth control and monitoring. With geothermal energy storage comprised of 4,000 borehole meters and 110 solar panels installed by Alight, the building is a sustainable project that contributes to a brighter future.

"With Energy Machines we get a complete and sustainable solution that, with good performance and economy, delivers the property's need for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water," says Lina Larsson, Project Manager at Alight.

Energy Machines' EM1 machine offers a relatively unique solution for homes, as it is responsible for distributing heat, domestic hot water, and comfort cooling throughout enclosed spaces. For the apartments at BRF Grindstugan, this is achieved both via the air handling system and through electric floor coils that switch between heating and cooling.

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