This is an energy machine
Generate, store, and reuse your own energy
with an integrated system

Energy machines are buildings that
generate, store, and reuse their own energy

Resulting in up to:


Emissions-free energy


OPEX reduction


Lower energy consumption

Integrated System

Energy Machines makes it possible to combine heating, cooling, ventilation, and solar & wind power into one integrated system with unique benefits. Unlike traditional HVAC installations that are powered externally and operate separately within the same building, our integrated system generates, stores, and reuses its own energy.

Geothermal Storage

Thermal energy stored underground together with heat pumps are tried-and-tested technologies that enable huge thermal efficiency gains.

Our unique pump uses a patented process to combine heating, cooling, and domestic hot water into one integrated unit. By storing heat in the summer for use in winter and storing coolness in winter for use in summer, integrated systems benefit from having a thermal source that is partially warmed or cooled before entering the system.

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Integrated systems recover waste heat from recirculated air to greatly increase the overall system efficiency. We work with multiple suppliers to achieve this, and have developed our own high-performance air handling unit that combines industry-leading temperature efficiency with a 0% cross-contamination guarantee, ensuring clean and comfortable environments that are provided in the most efficient way.

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Solar & Wind

Power the system in the most sustainable way: using locally-generated electricity. PVT solar panels and, eventually, our own vertical wind turbines designed for rooftop use can together provide both electricity and hot water. Excess power may be stored in batteries or sold back into the grid.

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Cloud Integration

At the core of the system is our custom-built cloud platform. The cutting-edge software collects real-time data across your properties, enabling actionable insights that help get the most out of any system. The remote access app allows users to monitor performance from anywhere, while the visual dashboard provides a powerful system overview that can also be used to showcase your building’s climate performance in real-time to guests and customers.


Our mission

Turning every building into a high-performance energy machine

Buildings are a growing climate problem, accounting for over 28% of global CO₂ emissions. We envision a future in which buildings accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. By turning every building into a high-performance energy machine, together we can achieve it.

We design and build integrated energy systems that turn buildings into energy machines
Data-driven, modular design
System implementation
Cloud-based integration

Any building can become an energy machine

Leading companies and governments believe in our approach

Proven technologies meet
advanced cloud platforms

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