One of Denmark's first self-sufficient, 100% carbon-neutral buildings.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
Capital Expenditure
Savings on operating expenses
Payback period
  • Location: Lynge, Denmark
  • Year of completion: 2009
  • Energy system: ATES (aquifer thermal energy storage) geothermal plant
  • Heat storage capacity: 2800 kWh
  • Groundwater wells, quantity: 5 pairs
  • Groundwater wells, depth: 100 meters
  • CO2 reductions: 75% compared to a traditional energy system

With the installation of a groundwater-based geothermal energy system in 2009, Widex's then-new headquarters in Lynge, Denmark became one of the country's first self-sufficient, CO2-neutral buildings.

Energy Machines' groundwater-based system, or ATES (aquifer thermal energy storage) system, sources the building's heating and cooling. With the ATES, excess heat and cold is collected from the building and is then stored into an underground aquifer. The heat and cold is drawn from the aquifer throughout the year as needed, providing cooling during the summer and heating in the winter. The groundwater-based geothermal energy solution ensures a comfortable temperature for 1000 employees and dozens of visitors all year round.

One wind turbine installed on the property supplies enough energy to power the entire groundwater-based energy system and, in turn, all of the heating and cooling needs for the building.

Widex has long focused on intelligent and environmentally friendly solutions. With the implementation of ATES, as much as 75% of CO2 emissions are reduced compared to a traditional plant. This is the equivalent of 1000 tons of CO2 emissions, or the emissions from 350 gas-heated houses saved. Further, these environmental returns come with great financial benefits: 540,000€ yearly savings on operating expenses, and a payback period of less than four years.

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