Inspiration Rosendal

Inspiration Rosendal

In consultation with Energy Machines, Alight implemented a cost-effective geothermal energy solution for Inspiration Rosendal, making it Uppsala’s greenest housing project to date and one of Sweden’s most energy-efficient apartment buildings. With its newly implemented integrated energy solution, the property’s energy consumption is estimated to be only 9.5 kWh per square meter per year, providing Rosendal Fastigheter’s tenants with reliable sustainable living for years to come.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
Capital Expenditure
Savings on operating expenses
Payback period
9.5 kWh
purchased energy consumed per sq m/year

With its 344 tenant-owned apartments and rooftop sport and leisure facility, Inspiration Rosendal epitomizes smart floor plans, design, and sustainability. The property caters to residents who consider a sustainable lifestyle absolutely necessary and energy efficiency a top priority. Together with Energy Machines, Alight AB (formerly Eneo Solutions) built, financed, and commissioned a geothermal energy solution for the building.

“We faced a challenge with this building as it is already very energy efficient, while there is also a periodic demand for high heating outputs. Because we needed a solution that was more efficient than traditional property heat pumps, we chose to take a closer look at Energy Machines,” said Mikael Ronge, Project Manager, Alight.

Waste heat boosts sustainability concept

Mikael Ronge

In addition to the energy covered through the borehole in the ground, the energy from an ICA grocery store situated on the property also plays an important role.

Waste heat from the store’s chillers is used in the system to make it even more efficient for the property as a whole, while ICA enjoys a strong sustainability concept and reduced in-store operating costs.

Energy Machines experience enables best-in-class energy calculations

Further highlighting the importance of realistic energy calculations, Alight signed a 25-year contract committing to the delivery of specific energy, power, and efficiency measures for Inspiration Rosendal. 

“This is where Energy Machines' experience has provided excellent assistance. Being able to discuss the risks and realistic expectations was extremely valuable. They have a great fund of experience from projects with similar conditions,” said Ronge.

Energy Machines sees the installation, which was completed in 2016, as a relevant example of an optimal energy efficiency improvement for a new build.

“Above all, the project shows that there are good opportunities for replacing district heating with more eco-friendly and reliable energy solutions, even for new apartment buildings that have very low energy consumption right from the start,” says Kenneth Andersson, former CEO at Energy Machines.

By August 2014, the project had already been designated as Green Building of the Month by the North American journal GreenSource. During the first year of the project implementation, the geothermal system supplied PEAB, the contractor responsible for building the property, with building heating — further maximizing the environmental benefit of the installation. 

“Alight's geothermal energy solution suits Inspiration Rosendal perfectly. The model provides the tenant owner association with eco-friendly energy at a predictable price that is also lower than the alternatives,” says Henrik Svanqvist, CEO at Rosendal Fastigheter.

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