Scandic 53 - Stockholm

Scandic 53 - Stockholm

The gas pressure at Scandic 53 in Stockholm is high 24/7. Scandic relies on our ClimateMachines™ ventilation system to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round at drastically reduced energy costs.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
Capital Expenditure
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“The results truly exceed expectations. The system provides greater gains than promised,” says Olof Erstorp, Project Manager with property owner AxFast AB.

Scandic 53 on Kungsgatan in Stockholm was opened in May 2014, after AxFast had converted an office space of just over 7,000 sq m to 274 hotel rooms plus a restaurant and kitchen.

They choose ClimateMachines™ for several key reasons. Above all, our estimated temperature efficiency of 90% greatly exceeded other conventional systems, meaning major savings for a hotel business.

What’s more, the site-built installation was fitted into a limited space in an area that was difficult to access.

Hotels are in full operation and use a great deal of hot water day in, day out, all year round. It makes this kind of installation even more efficient and profitable (Olof Erstorp, Project Manager at AxFast AB)

Impressive heating and cooling dividends

The installation has now been in operation for 1.5 years and has managed to exceed the property owner’s expectations. Total energy use is 96 kWh per square metre per year, of which 43 kWh goes to domestic hot water.

“We are very satisfied with the solution. Achieving results as good as these is unusual, so we really got what we were promised with this installation,” says Olof Erstorp.

Henrik Sandstone, energy consultant at Mälardalen AB, suggested the system following an energy investigation. He is currently monitoring the installation in detail and is impressed by the gains shown in both heat waves and polar weather.

“The installation runs like clockwork and we have incredibly low energy consumption figures. If we exclude domestic hot water, which is the biggest item in a hotel, we end up around 50 kWh per square metre per year. This is absolutely amazing and beyond all expectations,” he says.

Efficient cooling without purchased energy

The evaporative cooling works efficiently. Humidifying exhaust air lowers the temperature of supply air at a very low energy expenditure. On one occasion last summer, outdoor air temperature was lowered by 10 degrees from the ambient 31.8 degrees without purchasing a single kWh for extra cooling.

Logs also show that the property’s air handling unit maintains the promised constant temperature efficiency of 90%.

“As yet, I have not seen any other type of unit to match ours in efficiency. I think this is the way to go for the future,” says Henrik Sandsten.

Statistics also show that fan SFP figures (input power/m³ air) at their lowest were down to 1.2 with an average of 1.5 on an annual basis.

“It’s usually difficult to reach SFP figures lower than 1.8 with rotating units. In this case, we are usually at 1.6 and even lower for many operating hours, which is incredibly good. This alone generates around SEK 30,000 per year in electricity savings,” says Henrik Sandsten.

Overall investment that increases energy savings

As a direct result of ClimateMachines™’s good results at Scandic 53, AxFast has chosen a similar installation for a neighbouring property that houses offices and a bakery.

“If you want to significantly reduce your energy consumption, this is the system to choose. AxFast included everything in its energy calculation, which many fail to do. They were willing to accept slightly higher investment costs in order to generate significant annual savings of 15-20% in comparison with conventional solutions,” says Henrik Sandsten.

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