Stockholm International Fairs

Stockholm International Fairs

With its three exhibition halls of around 70,000 sq m, Stockhom’s International Fairs’ energy consumption was hard to manage. They came to Energy Machines for a solution. Now, with Climate Machines, they produce their own energy. This has reduced energy costs and made Stockholm International Fairs a greener company.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
Capital Expenditure
Savings on operating expenses
Payback period

While saving energy is often about taking big measures, it is also about constant improvement efforts. In this case, our focus was on reviewing operating times and how their ventilation units could best handle the wide array of circumstances encountered in the exhibition business.

In consultation with Leif Dahllöf, property manager for Stockholm International Fairs, Energy Machines initiated the Energy Design process to optimize the energy system for the entire property.

When our internal energy work began around 2012, I had EnergyMachines™ in mind right from the start. With previous good experience in mind, I knew that their staff have unique expertise and a personal approach to the problemsProperty Manager, Leif Dahllöf

Basic analysis tracks development measures

Energy Design is based on feasibility studies and energy audits in which a building’s basic needs for heating, cooling and domestic hot water govern the solution. In this case, the exhibition operation presented the major challenge in finding a new energy management structure,” informs Leif Dahllöf.

“One week there are 10,000 people who pour in through huge doors carrying exhibition materials back and forth. All the lighting is on and the ventilation is running at full speed. One week later the premises are empty and everything drops to a minimum. The solution was to reprogram the ventilation unit controllers depending on outdoor temperature and the current operation inside the premises,” Leif tells us.

Energy investment with lower environmental impact

The energy audit resulted in a five-year plan, to be revised annually for the best results. The audit’s focus is on sustainable solutions that reuse renewable energy — as opposed to traditional solutions like district heating, district cooling and chillers. Leif Dahllöf talks more about the results:

“We have already noted a significant difference in energy consumption. On the investments made thus far, payback times have been relatively short.

Collaboration that focuses on sustainable operations

Next, we will reduce energy consumption in refrigeration and freezer rooms.

“There has been a clear trend for four years where we have reduced consumption, something we want to continue doing. To achieve this, we maintain a dialogue with EnergyMachines™ in which we gain important inputs about the investments we need to make to achieve our goals for 2017,” concludes Leif.

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