Enabling Technologies

Make the right decisions for your energy needs

With our open source simulation tool we, or any qualified engineer, can build a digital twin of your building with the proposed installations. Simulating the system performance makes it possible to gather crucial insights into obtaining the optimal energy management design.


Monitor and optimize – from anywhere

Our cutting edge cloud-based control and SCADA platform collects and analyzes real-time data across your properties, enabling actionable insights and visual dashboards to get the most out of your system. All data traffic is encrypted and secured via best-in-class security measures similar to that used by banks and financial institutions.

The dashboard can also be used to make the system visible to people in the building, giving them a sense for the energy use and sustainability of the property.

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Heating, cooling, and hot water from one integrated system – powered by the earth

Geothermal storage – thermal energy stored underground –together with heat pumps, are tried and tested technologies that enable significant thermal efficiency gains.

By using proven heat pump technology in a smarter way, we enable integrated systems capable of producing a market leading coefficient of performance in both heating and cooling.

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High-efficiency air handling and waste heat recovery – with zero cross-contamination

Providing high-quality, reliable air is essential to maintaining tenant comfort and safety. Most ventilated buildings replace the entire volume of air six or more times per hour, requiring a large amount of energy to heat or cool fresh air as it comes in.

Integrated systems recover waste heat from recirculated air
to greatly increase the overall system efficiency. Our high-performance air handling unit  combines industry-leading temperature efficiency with a 0% cross-contamination guarantee.

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Generate electricity in the most sustainable way

Power the system in the most sustainable way: using locally-generated electricity. PVT solar panels and our own compact vertical wind turbines* designed for rooftop use can together provide both electricity and hot water. Excess power may be stored in batteries or sold back into the grid.

* Energy Machines Wind turbines are currently in the testing phase, with expected market release in 2023.

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