Sandvik Coromant's Katowice Factory

Sandvik Coromant's Katowice Factory

Through Energy Machines' modular approach to system design, an integrated energy system was implemented at Sandvik Coromant's factory in Katowice, Poland, and later scaled to further advance its goals of reducing energy costs, minimizing its carbon footprint, and improving the indoor environment.

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Energy Machines is proud to have contributed to enhancing energy efficiency at Sandvik Coromant's factory in Katowice, Poland, through two projects aimed at reducing energy costs, lowering the factory's carbon footprint, and improving the indoor environment.

In 2018, Energy Machines conducted an energy audit and upgraded the factory's cooling system from standalone chillers to a central cooling system capable of reusing waste heat. Energy Machines provided design and installation support, commissioning a combined heat pump-chiller, integrating the systems, and connecting to heat recovery from air handling units, process cooling, and compressed air. System performance is continuously monitored via EM Cloud, our cloud-based SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system.

Since implementing the new energy system, Sandvik Coromant's electricity usage has decreased by 24% and natural gas usage by 40%.

Following this success, Sandvik Coromant was inspired to further enhance energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint by incorporating geothermal energy storage. This involved creating an energy reservoir using 33 boreholes, each 140 meters deep, drilled next to the building.

Energy Machines' modular approach to energy system design allowed for the seamless integration of geothermal storage into the existing system. This approach ensures efficient scaling, commissioning, and high-performance operation. The upgraded system was commissioned in October 2023 and is fully operational.

Energy Machines EMB (combined heat pump-chiller) in the energy central at Sandvik Coromant, Katowice, Poland

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