Örebro Campus

Örebro Campus

During 2014, Energy Machines delivered to Örebro Campus an integrated energy system for heating and comfort cooling with a COP factor of 5.5 .

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
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The USÖ campus is adjacent to the Örebro University Hospital. It has a floor space of around 12,000 sq m across three floors and the basement. Activities take place in the property between 07:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday. The University’s medical students from the programme’s fourth term onwards study here. It is also home to the University’s medical library, one of the University’s biomedical research departments, lecture rooms and a café. The County Clinical Research Centre (KFC) is also located here. Energy Machines integrated energy systems takes into account the entirety of the property’s needs and is optimised to achieve the highest possible performance in terms of finance and the environment. The USÖ Campus in Örebro is a shining example of this.

The installation, designed by EnergyMachines™, harnesses geothermal energy. The system is monitored through measurement of input and output energy.

The readings are reported below.

Energy figures for 2014

Energy produced
Heating + preheating domestic hot water: 1102.3 MWh *
Cooling energy:323 MWh
Total: 1425.3 MWh

Energy consumed
Power to EMA (EnergyMachines™): 258.7 MWh
Power for primary coolant system circulation pumps: 37.7 MWh

COP (Coefficient of Performance)
COP Factor (1425.3 /258.7 MWh): 5.50
COP Factor incl circ pumps (1425.3 /296.4 MWh): 4.8

Savings calculation/year: An electricity cost of SEK 0.08 per kilowatt hour excluding VAT and COP 4.8 equates to an energy price of SEK 16.6 per kWh. All energy required to run heating, comfort cooling and domestic hot water production is included.

Compared to the district heating/district cooling price of SEK 0.65-0.80 per kilowatt hour, the energy cost is reduced by between SEK 700 000 and 900 000 per year excluding VAT.

*The media centre preheats the major part of the domestic hot water used by the hospital, which gives the high energy consumption per square metre.

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