Blästern 13

Blästern 13

Energy Machines’ new geothermal energy installation in Stockholm has been inspected and approved for use. The upgraded energy solution at Blästern 13 is estimated to deliver 93% of the building’s heating demand and 100% of the demand for cooling.

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Caring for the environment is at the core of Atrium Ljungberg’s values as a prominent property developer. The firm specializes in holistic solutions for large urban areas in Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, and Malmö, with a commitment to build sustainable and attractive locations for the future.

Atrium Ljungberg has partnered with Energy Machines to minimize their energy use and carbon impact while increasing the total value of their portfolio. Together, we have transformed their Blästern 13 property in Stockholm into a high-performance energy machine. This first project presents a promising case for enabling these goals to be achieved.

About the building

Built in 1930, Blästern 13 is a mixed-use building comprised of offices, a restaurant, gym, and dental care facility. Its total floor area comprises 51,500m2. Prior to commissioning with Energy Machines, the building retrieved its energy exclusively via district heating and cooling.

About the project

Blästern 13 was determined to be a fantastic candidate for a BTES (borehole-based) geothermal solution where energy is generated and stored within boreholes in the bedrock of the ground.

At the heart of the installation is Energy Machines’ integrated heat pump-chiller system, EM8, which corresponds to 800 kW of installed heat output. EM8 is integrated with the facility’s new BTES system where geothermal energy is stored within 38 x 300m boreholes beneath a garage floor. Reliable, renewable thermal energy from the ground - along with surplus energy generated within the building - is seasonally captured, stored, and moved between the boreholes and building as needed. The boreholes were drilled by Rototec, HVAC system designed in partnership with Bengt Dahlgren, and Klimatrör was the plumbing contractor.

The new solution will:

• Cover 93% of the building’s heating demand

• Cover 100% of the building’s cooling demand

• Deliver 3072 MWh of heating yearly

• Deliver 1637 MWh of cooling yearly

• Operate with a yearly SCOP of 4,7

As of 18-October 2022 the installation has been fully inspected and approved for use.

The project is the first facility built with Energy Machines Modular Design - a new concept based on standardized function modules which makes projects scalable, faster, and even more quality assured.

Future plans

Atrium Ljungberg plans to invest in energy projects that will increase efficiency further, specifically through the integration of solar panels and improved ventilation and air handling.

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