The In Shopping Mall

The In Shopping Mall

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The In Shopping Mall is located in the heart of Sundsvall’s beautiful Stone City, closely linked to the bus station, Navet, and Sundsvall’s main square With floor space of 41,400 sq mm, the mall is home to around 55 retail stores with fashion, home décor, gift shops, restaurants, the pharmacy and the Systembolag liquor store. The top floor houses numerous offices.

The former real estate company Norrvidden, now Diös, built the mall in 2006 in a property covering three city blocks.

EnergyMachines™ was first commissioned to conduct a pilot study of the properties’ energy status and future needs. Following this, the design of the energy center was commissioned. Today, the energy center supplies the entire shopping mall with heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems.

Integrated energy system supplies the mall with energy from the aquifer and internal loads

The system is based on an integrated energy system with Energy Machines at its heart. The district heating was replaced with energy from an aquifer created next to one of the buildings. The aquifer provides the property with free cooling via energy from a circulation pump in the summer. During the autumn, winter and spring, heat energy from the shopping mall and office operations is recovered and transformed to high-grade heating by Energy Machines. Internal loads produce all heat to around -2 C. District heating is supplied to cover peak loads at very low outdoor temperatures.

Before the upgrade, the three quarters consumed 4,800 MWh of district heating and 800 MWh of cooling. Since 2006, the new energy centre has used 1,000 MW of electrical power and 200 MW combined heat and power, while keeping the property’s electrical system redundant.

  • Calculated energy cost per sq m before the upgrade: 135 kWh/sq m/year
  • Calculated energy cost per sq m after installation and new energy centre integration: 22 kWh/sq m/year

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