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EnergyMachines™ was commissioned to present a sustainable energy solution for the construction of the Railway Station 2 property in Sundsvall. The property is owned by Fastighetsaktiebolaget Norrporten, who also hired EnergyMachines™ to monitor the system and train the organization operating it.

Energy Consumption Reduction
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Reduction in energy consumption

Our solution was geothermal energy collected from an aquifer in a unique sand deposit running beneath the Sundsvall town center. This solution provides additional constant temperature heat at 6-10 C. 90% of the property’s total energy requirements are taken from the aquifer and provide low-grade energy via an integrated energy system.

The energy required to operate the property is equivalent to the energy consumption of 100 houses. But because of our solution, the property owner only needs to buy energy equivalent to the consumption of 10 houses. The remaining energy is gathered from the aquifer.

In the summer, the water is used to cool the property. In the winter, heating and domestic hot water are produced for the property, plus ground heating amounting to around 600 sq m. Energy centers from EnergyMachines™ process the low-grade energy into high-grade heating. On an annual basis, the installation has a total COP factor greater than 10. The property’s heating requirement is met using an airborne system with aftertreatment heat exchangers. This provides 33.7 sq m/s. Water-borne radiator circuits and air heaters add to this. Cooling is supplied via chilled beams, fan air coolers and the air handling unit’s aftertreatment heat exchangers.

After two full years of operation, our integrated energy system beat expectations with an average consumption for heating, cooling and technology power equivalent to 10 kWh per sq m per year.

The first property in Västernorrland certified to GreenBuilding standards

Järnvägsstaionen 2 was the first property in Västernorrland to be GreenBuilding certified. The property has a floor space totalling 21,000 sq m, of which 12,000 sq m are office space and 9,000 sq m garage space. The garage is ventilated 8,760 hours per year at a temperature of between 16 C and 18 C. The outdoor 600 sq m surface is heated to keep the garage driveway, entrance and cargo area free from snow and ice.


  • Floor space: 21,000 sq m
  • Floors: 6
  • Façade: Glass, 4000 sq m
  • People in building: 600 people work on the property.
  • Total energy requirement: 2,400 MWh.
  • Energy consumption: 200 MWh/year (10 kWh/sq m/year)
  • Savings: 91% compared with conventional energy supply.

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