Hudiksvall Hospital

Hudiksvall Hospital

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Fast facts:

Sector: Hospital

Location: Hudiksvall, Sweden

Total floor area: 70,000 sqm

Project type: Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) integrated energy system

Heating capacity: 450 kW from heat pump + 1500 kW district heating

Cooling capacity: 500 kW from heat pump + 2000 kW from chillers

COP for combined heating and cooling: 5.0

Project overview:

Energy Machines has been selected by HVAC contractor, Caverion, to be the energy solution provider for Hudiksvalls Sjukhus (Hospital) in Hudiksvall, Sweden. The project aims to establish a sustainable and future-proofed energy central to support the hospital's cooling, heating, and domestic hot water needs with renewable energy.

At the 70,000 sqm property, a geothermal integrated energy system is being employed where heat will be seasonally stored within a series of boreholes beneath the property. The stored energy will move between the boreholes and hospital as needed to supply efficient, sustainable heating and cooling for hospital visitors, staff, and medical processes requiring cooling.

Upon completion of the project in 2025, the hospital's heating and cooling demands will be met by a combination of one Energy Machines™ EMA series heat pump, district heating, and additional chillers. Approximately 28% of the hospital's energy requirements are covered by geothermal energy storage in boreholes and the building's base cooling infrastructure.

The integrated system is expected to operate with an impressive COP of 5,0, highlighting the system's capability to deliver superior energy efficiency, ensuring cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility for the hospital.

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