Waterpark in Vänersborg

Waterpark in Vänersborg

CLS Holdings PLC owns the Vänerparken quarter in Vanersborg. The area, which previously served as a military hospital, now includes premises totalling 45,000 sq m for businesses, schools, medical facilities and the Vattenpalatset adventure swimming pool complex. Energy Machines was commissioned to review the properties’ primary and secondary energy systems and propose solutions that could improve comfort and reduce both energy and carbon dioxide consumption for the entire Vänerparken quarter.

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Adapting operations and property maintenance reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 95%. EnergyMachines™ was commissioned to review the properties from an energy perspective with a focus on green, sustainable energy solutions and an efficient administrative organisation. An analysis and adaptation of existing operations and maintenance resulted in a reduction of the energy consumed for heating alone by 769 MW/year.

Vattenfall, the supplier of electricity and district heating to Vänerparken, reports in its lifecycle analysis of heat production in Vänersborg that carbon dioxide emissions following the Energy Machines deployment fell by 7,748 Kg/year, corresponding to at least 90%. NOx emissions have fallen to 161 kg/year, and overall emissions have fallen by 95%.

Cost reductions for Vänerparken are a direct result of these adaptations and amount to around SEK 500,000 per year.

Integrated energy systems supply 11 buildings with heating, cooling and domestic hot water. When the Vänerparken water adventure park celebrated its 20th anniversary, the new energy center went into operation. The energy center collects energy from soil and rock heated by the sun in the park and supplies the city quarter’s 11 buildings, including the Vattenpalatset swimming pool complex, with heating, cooling and domestic hot water via an integrated energy system.

EnergyMachines™ was responsible for design and project management, providing a turnkey solution to Vänerparken. The installation was completed as a turnkey contract by NVS/Trollhättans Rör, now known as IMTECH.

CLS Holdings PLC in a comprehensive eco-initiative

The owners of the Vänerparken quarter – CLS Holdings PLC – have now established a programme to minimize energy costs and environmental emissions for their properties in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden. EnergyMachines™ has been commissioned to implement sustainable energy solutions and customized programmes aimed at reducing emissions and developing property portfolios to achieve better energy economy and competitive local holdings.

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