The Wallenstam property company

The Wallenstam property company

The Wallenstam property company chose ClimateMachines™ to provide the best possible indoor air at its office building in Gårda, Gothenburg. Wallenstam chose us for our best-in-class performance and industry-leading, smooth construction process.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
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The 8,000 sq m property provides office space on five floors and is located in an extensive area in central Gothenburg. The previous climate solution had served the property since the middle of the 1980s and needed replacement. Unfortunately, this handling unit had been installed incorrectly, so Wallenstam faced a structural engineering challenge in replacing it.

“With a standard solution we would have had to rebuild a great deal. I had been in contact with EnergyMachines™ in connection with a different project and because I was curious about their technology I contacted them again,” says Magnus Bellvik, project manager for commercial projects at Wallenstam.

Higher efficiency, lower operating costs

ClimateMachines™ created a site-built ventilation solution with a smoother construction process, better performance, and lower noise generation than other alternatives. The heart of our machine is an efficient crossflow heat exchanger guaranteed not to leak exhaust and supply air (with low SFP figures). The unit produces cooling at costs 85-90% lower than other alternatives.
“We feel this to be very interesting technology. It’s not entirely new, but it’s developing with higher efficiency and effective evaporative cooling,” says Magnus Bellvik.

Humidification of the exhaust air creates the evaporative cooling effect at low cost and reduces the temperature in the supply air by up to 10°C during the summer.

EnergyMachines™’ solution is reliable and creates a ventilation solution that is cheaper and suits us better environmentallyMagnus Bellvik, project manager, Wallenstam

Minimized energy consumption boosts performance

The new air handling units will minimize energy consumption, and Wallenstam plans to closely monitor performance increases. The installation will begin in October for completion in November.

“According to calculations, we will be able to achieve a temperature recovery of up to 88%, which is significantly better than before. So this is what we anticipate. If we achieve the added values we’ve calculated, we’ll be able to recoup the investment cost through the improved operating efficiency,” says Magnus Bellvik.

Flexibility creates new opportunities

In further collaboration with EnergyMachines™, Wallenstam is planning multiple installations of similar types including properties on Gothenburg’s fashionable main street, Avenyn.

“Flexibility is a major advantage of EnergyMachines™ site-built solution. It allows us to find really good solutions despite the limited space available,” says Magnus Bellvik.

To avoid disturbing existing tenants’ daily operations and comfort, we plan and execute our operations with great precision.

“I feel we’ve had fruitful discussions. They have a high level of expertise and we’ve had good feedback and new ideas through our contacts. It’s important that they’re open about what they think and feel based on experience from previous projects. I feel this to be the case with Energy Machines™”, says Magnus Bellvik.

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