Wallenstam Mid Avenue

Wallenstam Mid Avenue

Real estate company Wallenstam installed its third Climate Machine air handling unit in the Valand neighbourhood of Gothenburg. This allowed Wallenstam to free space and avoid extensive building measures.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
Capital Expenditure
Savings on operating expenses
Payback period
Energy reduction compared to conventional technology

Wallenstam wanted to create a more attractive city block. They have now renovated and adapted the property to offer modern office space, shops and apartments on the attractive Avenyn boulevard in Gothenburg.

Continued trust

– It is fun that Wallenstam continues to trust us to install the ClimateMachinesTM air conditioning solution. This is the third time they are hiring us and a new collaboration is already planned. We see ourselves as a stable and long-term partner for Wallenstam, where in each project we reason together for the most optimal solution.
Säger Torbjörn Sjögren, Head of Region of Western Sweden, Energy Machines

It was a natural choice to use ClimateMachinesTM for the Mid Avenue projects after a good collaboration for about 4 years, throughout which we changed two existing ventilation units to ClimateMachinesTM and had the opportunity to evaluate quality and energy outcomes. By bringing ClimateMachinesTM at an early stage, we were able to design the fan room together so that function and service were optimized.

Says Magnus Bellvik, Project Manager Wallenstam

Flexible site construction frees up space

In order to maximize the property’s space and avoid extensive building measures, Wallenstam needed a flexible ventilation solution. At an early stage, Energy MachinesTM worked closely with Wallenstam to create the most comfortable conditions and minimize operating costs. Because ClimateMachinesTM are built on site, we have maximum flexibility to create customized solutions.

Unbeatable power compared to conventional technology

Thanks to our high temperature efficiency of 90%, we reduced energy costs by 80% compared to conventional technology. Humidifying exhaust air creates an evaporative cooling effect and, together with our high efficiency, dramatically reduces the need for tip cooling.

The air handling unit is sized for 16 m³ / second and serves a retail space of 2900 m², office space of 4100 m² and 35 apartments.

– The great thing about this project is that we have managed to have a large flow area with an aggregate for housing, office and store premises. The technology also allows us to go down to very low flows at night, which is usually done with two separate units. We are already noticing that Wallenstam has been able to reduce the cost of cooling through the evaporative cooling function during the summer.
Säger Torbjörn Sjögren, Head of Region of Western Sweden, Energy Machines

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