Furniture Giant's Barkarby store

Furniture Giant's Barkarby store

Barkarby is one of the 18 stores owned and managed by the company in Sweden. In 2013, EnergyMachines™ was commissioned to energy-optimize the property in Barkarby. Our work reduced their energy bill by SEK 1.1 million within just one year.

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Our client set high standards for energy use and environmental impact that each store must constantly work to achieve. Barkarby, built in 1993, has a total floor space of 38,000 sq m. It used district heating when EnergyMachines™ began the project.

EnergyMachines™ undertook the technical installations and implemented new energy use control strategies accounting for the property’s needs. No new hardware was installed; our optimization was done entirely on preexisting hardware

Major savings thanks to new energy design

After 12 months of adjustments, district heating consumption was reduced by 45%, equivalent to 600 MWh. Furthermore, power consumption was reduced by 15%, equivalent to 751 MWh.

These savings reduced our client’s energy bill by SEK 1.1 million. Energy savings are expected to continue increasing at the furniture giant’s store in Barkarby, since the work is not yet fully complete.

Successful pilot project causes ripples

The savings achieved in Barkarby have resulted in a framework agreement for energy optimization, design and planning in existing and future stores. In the store planned for Umeå, Energy Machines will provide the design and planning of geothermal installation that will provide the 31,000 sq m building with heating and cooling.

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