Grand Joanne

Grand Joanne

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Energy Machines has successfully transformed Grand Joanne Copenhagen, previously known as Grand Hotel, into a high-performance energy machine located in the heart of the city. This historic property, built in 1892 and owned by Midstar AB, has undergone a comprehensive renovation that includes the installation of an advanced integrated energy system. Today, the iconic Copenhagen hotel is  powered almost exclusively by recycled energy.

The energy system is comprised of:

• 2 x 120 kW Energy Machines heat pumps in the hotel's basement

• 2 x 5000L/min and 1000L/min ClimateMachines air handling units

• Energy Machines Control software and cloud-based SCADA platform

The integrated system effectively harnesses waste heat generated on the premises. This includes waste heat produced by various processes such as refrigeration, computing, and even guests themselves. The system optimizes the utilization of this waste heat, enabling it to fulfill 100% of the building's cooling requirements (190 kW) and meet 90% of its demand for heating and hot water.

This climate-positive project results in significant reductions in the hotel’s operating expenses and carbon footprint. Hotel guests and staff can expect a reliably clean, comfortable, and environmentally friendly indoor environment for decades to come.

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