Arena Hotel in Uppsala

Arena Hotel in Uppsala

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Arenahotellet – Uppsala’s Sports Hotel

Arenahotellet (The Arena Hotel) in Uppsala is a 200-room sports hotel owned by Part Construction AB, which built its first concept hotel with modular rooms. The hotel opened its doors in the fall of 2017 and has since become a popular destination for sports enthusiasts.

To ensure the hotel's energy efficiency and sustainability, Part Construction AB teamed up with Energy Machines to install a ClimateMachines™ Module 4000 air handling unit. This modular solution combines the market's best sandwich panels from Isolamin, a company owned by Part Construction AB, with Energy Machines' high-performance control and monitoring system, Energy Machines Control.

"When our paths crossed with Energy Machines, we soon saw a common interest in modular solutions and new technologies" -Anton Lundholm, CEO, VD Part Construction AB

The ClimateMachines™ Module 4000 exceeded expectations in terms of flow, efficiency, and size, and outperformed a cooling unit previously designed by Part Construction AB. The unit's high efficiency allowed for power peaks on heating and cooling to be cut, resulting in a smaller cooling machine and significantly less combi-shunt. Additionally, the unit's low noise generation eliminated the need for secondary silencers.

During the first month of operation, the ClimateMachines™ Module 4000 delivered 19 degrees on the supply air, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -4 degrees, without having to switch on district heating. The unit's indirect evaporative cooling technology and 90% temperature efficiency contributed to its excellent performance and reduced the need for additional cooling after the heat exchanger.

"Energy Machines had no difficulties beating the performance of a cooling unit that Part AB had already designed. Moreover, our unit was much smaller. Of course, we also stayed within budget" -Anton Lundholm

Energy Machines Control, the proprietary SCADA software for control and regulation, is delivered together with the unit. Energy Machines Control is a powerful tool for energy system optimization and an essential tool for the analysis and development of existing systems.

The ClimateMachines™ Module 4000 at Arenahotellet demonstrates the potential of modular solutions and new technologies for the hospitality industry. Its high efficiency and sustainability features have resulted in significant financial savings for the hotel, making it a successful investment for Part Construction AB.

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