Reducing energy use 85% for Kungsleden

April 26, 2021

At this office complex in Danderyd, Sweden, the integrated energy system provides 1.2 MW energy and completely eliminates the need to purchase district heating and cooling and while reducing energy consumption by 85%. The property, called Triangle 5, includes 30,000 square meters with offices, hotels and restaurants.

“We were turnkey contractors, changing the building to be supplied entirely with fossil-free geo energy. With their strict demands and specifications, we developed something really good together,” says Thomas Göransson, Energy Machine’s business manager for Northern Sweden.

The heat pumps are connected to a borehole inventory where they pump down and collect heat and cooling from underground throughout the year. The only energy supply required to drive the pumps is electricity. Instead of paying for the energy three times in the form of cold, heat and electricity, one only needs to buy them once, then the energy circulates and is reused within the system. In this way, the installation can provide an energy saving of 2,800 MWh annually, counted on heat, cold and domestic hot water.

“This feels very good to us, as a property owner we have a great environmental responsibility which goes hand in hand with economic benefits. We knew we had to find a new solution for cooling and that was the reason why we chose this system. The total energy consumption is greatly reduced. Buying green electricity, the environmental impact is very low,” says Sven Stork, Regional Manager of Kungsleden in Stockholm.

Energy Machines’ technology is flexible and can be adapted to most properties.  The growing awareness of the property industry’s environmental impact causes customer requests to increase constantly and significantly.

“We are starting to see that our commitment pays off. We are getting more and more questions about sustainability. Energy use is a priority on all real estate companies’ agendas today. Good technology that minimizes our load on the planet is needed,” says Thomas Göransson.

Energy Machines creates sustainable property management with reduced climate impact and increased profitability.