The energy savings that give millions to care

May 14, 2021

When less money is spent on heating and cooling, resources are released to care. At Norrland’s University Hospital, energy machines’ total solution saves millions of SEK per year, through heat pumps and control systems interacting with a large ground layer.

With more than 300,000 square meters of premises that require heating and cooling all year round, Norrland’s University Hospital needed a large-scale system that recycles energy in a smart way. Energy Machines’ solution was 125 boreholes down to 250 meters in a rock section, which constitutes a large ground layer where energy is stored and reused during the seasons.

“Previously, we paid for energy three times when we purchased district heating, district cooling and electricity at the same time. Now we only buy electricity for heat pumps and can properly use all the energy that is in the building” , says the hospital’s technical coordinator Jesper Burlin.

See the movie clip where he shows around the hospital and tells about the energy system that saves 3.6 million SEK every year – money that is now going to care for patients and research.