Decarbonizing healthcare and the district heating network in Sønderborg

July 4, 2024

The installation of two new Energy Machines™ heat pumps marks a significant advancement in the energy infrastructure at Sygehus Sønderjylland, the local hospital in Sønderborg, Denmark. These heat pumps, with a combined capacity of 2.6 MW, utilize waste heat from hospital operations to deliver highly efficient heating and cooling. The upgrade not only meets the hospital's energy demands but also contributes surplus heat to the local district heating network operated by Sønderborg Varme.

By replacing the hospital’s oil burners and chillers, the new electric energy system is expected to save approximately 12,500 MWh annually, equivalent to the heat consumption of around 740 average Danish households. The heat pumps provide cooling for technical installations, scanners, and patient wards while recycling excess heat for internal heating needs. This dual-purpose approach enhances indoor comfort and significantly reduces energy waste.

Each heat pump is equipped with four Danfoss oil-free Turbocor® compressors, renowned for their exceptional efficiency, particularly in cooling applications, making them ideal for high-demand environments like hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and data centers.

Beyond immediate benefits for the hospital, the project positively impacts the local community by supplying 15,800 MWh annually to the Sønderborg Varme district heating grid, which could cover the heat consumption of more than 930 households.

By prioritizing efficiency and environmental responsibility with its new heat pump system, Sygehus Sønderjylland enhances its operational resilience while paving the way for similar initiatives in the healthcare industry. The project shows how strategic investments in low-carbon technologies can yield long-term benefits for healthcare facilities and their communities.

Energy Machines is proud to work with Danfoss on this initiative to decarbonize operations at Sygehus Sønderjylland and the broader community.

Heat pump initiation day, June 28, 2024
EM Cloud, heat pump control platform provided by Energy Machines