Energy Machines’ green vision gains new leadership with Nicolas Kastbjerg as CEO

September 11, 2023

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Press release:

Energy Machines, a Danish technology leader in green integrated energy systems has appointed Nicolas Kastbjerg as its new CEO, effective 1 September 2023.

Kastbjerg comes to Energy Machines from BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, where he held the position of Managing Director at the group’s Danish main office covering activities throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. As CEO of Energy Machines, Kastbjerg succeeds Johan Gedda, who will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board. Gedda will provide valuable direction to Energy Machines’ R&D initiatives and long-term strategy to efficiently and effectively decarbonize heating and cooling within the building sector.

Johan Gedda, Chairman and previously CEO at Energy Machines, is pleased to welcome Nicolas Kastbjerg:

“Decarbonizing building energy systems requires a new mindset. Nicolas has been an effective ambassador for ‘new thinking’ while at BIG and understands how to build a business around an entirely new approach. His reputation for successfully driving innovative concepts mirrors Energy Machines' mission to redefine energy systems for the green transition. Nicolas is the right leader to execute Energy Machines' growth strategy in the years ahead," says Gedda.

During his six years at BIG, Kastbjerg played an instrumental role in securing some of the firm's largest projects and more than doubling its size in Copenhagen. Prior to his time at BIG, Kastbjerg was the Commercial Manager at Realdania and co-led the firm’s “By og Byg” (City and Building) Client team for the execution of BLOX in Copenhagen.

“As an engineer, I am genuinely impressed by Energy Machines’ integrated approach to rethinking energy systems. Combined with their direct focus on removing obstacles for all stakeholders, I see Energy Machines as an industry leader that has the proven technology and general foundation of creating a real, immediate, and significant impact for the green transition. It's a profound honor for me to support the realization of all the further potential that Energy Machines holds, while ultimately working for a greener future," says Kastbjerg.

The new leadership transition underscores Energy Machines' trajectory of growth and commitment to accelerating the world’s adoption of net-zero and low-carbon energy solutions on a broad scale.

Nicolas Kastbjerg, CEO (left) and Johan Gedda, Chairman (right)
About Energy Machines

Energy Machines is revolutionizing the way buildings harness and use energy. By combining proven low-carbon energy technologies like geothermal heating and cooling, heat pumps, and local energy storage with a deep expertise in software-driven energy system design, Energy Machines enables buildings to operate as fully integrated systems that outperform alternatives on carbon emissions, energy usage, and operating costs.

Energy Machines has completed over 90 large-scale energy systems across Scandinavia for clients including Region Hovedstaden (Bispebjerg Hospital), BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhagen Airport, Castellum AB, Kungsleden AB, Norrlands University Hospital, and a leading global Swedish furniture retailer. Energy Machines is currently commissioning its first U.S. project for a 91.000 sqm building in New York and is in the process of refurbishing a 115-year-old building, Grundtvigs Hus, in central Copenhagen. This project will result in 100% self-sufficiency for heating and cooling, allowing the historic building to achieve DGNB Platinum status – the highest award for sustainability, environmental responsibility, and health in buildings. Grundtvigs Hus will be the first refurbishment project in Denmark to achieve this certification.

Energy Machines is proud to offer Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) for project financing, designed to remove financial barriers in the transition to green energy. The EaaS model allows asset owners to completely save their installation and operating costs, while receiving energy from a locally integrated green energy solution and never paying more than they would for market rates.

By turning every building into a high-performance energy machine that generates, stores, and reuses its own energy, Energy Machines believes that, together, we can accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.



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