Kv Sändaren 1's need for purchased energy is lowered by 76.5%

November 12, 2021

Energy Machines’ integrated energy system at Kv Sändaren 1 in Malmö has now been in operation for over four years. Having lowered their yearly energy consumption from 81 kWh/m² to 19 kWh/m², we are pleased to report a 76.5% decrease in the building’s need for purchased energy. This reduction was observed immediately upon installation and, consistent with expectations, persists today.

The property is owned by Castellum, a Nordic property company focused on incorporating sustainable energy initiatives into their buildings. Prior to Energy Machines' installation, Kv Sändaren 1 had its heating and cooling needs met by district heating as well as a chiller connected to an aquifer that had been out of order for some time.

Project timeline:

2015: Energy Machines conducted a pre-study to assess energy efficiency measures, renovation of the aquifer, and the eventual replacement of the old chiller to one fully integrated heating-and-cooling system.

2016: Prior to our installation, the facility used 825 MWh in district heating and 585 MWh for cooling. This corresponds to 195 MWh of electricity use with an estimated COP of 3. The building’s energy use for heating and cooling was 81 kWh/m²/year before the redesign of the energy central and a partial building renovation.

2017: Castellum completed building renovations, increasing their temperature-controlled office area from 12,500m² to 15,200m². Energy Machines’ installation is completed. A reading of the building's energy consumption was taken the next day:

Energy Analysis at Kv Sändaren 1, January 2017. District heating use dropped from 200 kWh to an impressive 10-20 kWh overnight.

Today, 2021: The building consumes only 100 MWh of district heating annually, and our combined chiller and heat pump requires a maximum of 200 MWh/year. Combined, this corresponds to only 19 kWh/m²/year.

Energy Machines is proud to be a part of Castellum's energy investment for the future.