Invitation event in Gothenburg: The future fossil-free energy system

April 28, 2021

Real estate energy use accounts for 28% of the world’s CO2 emissions. We can already change that today. On June 11 in Gothenburg, Energy Machines presents the solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefits to property owners around Sweden.

Welcome to Dome of Visions at Lindholmen, a visionary meeting place for talks on a sustainable future, where the energy system engineers Hanna Andersson and Martin Stålnacke tell how property owners can reach climate neutrality with the next generation of geo-energy and air treatment.

Energy Machines' integrated energy system converts energy stored in the ground into heat, cold and domestic hot water without causing fossil emissions. We show concrete examples from hospitals, shopping centers, residential areas and offices where we help Swedish property owners achieve their high climate ambitions. Moreover, they save money when the energy is circulated, recycled and stored in the building throughout the year.

Tuesday 11 June 2019
07.30 – 09.00
Dome Of Visions, Lindholmsplatsen in Gothenburg

You choose a sustainable future.
Energy Machines helps property owners move towards fossil-free energy supply of buildings. Our integrated system solutions take energy from rock, water, and sun that are converted into heat, cold, and hot water. We reduce carbon dioxide emissions and climate impact while increasing profitability and property value.