With an integrated energy solution, Home.Earth's flagship property aims to achieve ambitious sustainability targets

April 3, 2024

Energy Machines ApS has entered into a contract with Home.Earth to be the turnkey energy solution provider for the firm’s upcoming flagship property in Hedehusene, Denmark. Home.Earth is a European real estate company dedicated to building urban communities with sustainability at their core.

At Nærheden, the 12.500m² residential and commercial property will obtain 100% of its heating and cooling through a fully electric integrated energy system. Geothermal energy and waste heat from the building will be stored within concrete foundation piles equipped with energy storage capabilities known as energy piles. These energy piles, produced by Centrum Pæle A/S, will serve as Nærheden’s primary heat source during winter and cooling medium during summer. This is achieved by increasing or decreasing the ground temperature through the operation of Energy Machines heat pumps.

Surplus heat is efficiently stored within the piles for later use, while rooftop PVT solar cells harness additional thermal energy and renewable electricity to power the heat pumps.

The integrated energy system will operate with close to zero CO2 emissions while meeting 100% of the property’s heating (900 MWh) and cooling (200 MWh) needs, with no connection to district energy providers. Nærheden, with its planned 158 homes and 1500m² of commercial space, expects to maintain an exceptionally low LCA footprint below 6 kg CO2/m2/year, which is half of the requirements set by the Danish Building Regulations. The property is on track to achieve DGNB Gold and Planet certifications, emphasizing a low carbon footprint.

Energy Machines is honored to play a significant role in bringing Home.Earth’s goals to fruition while contributing to a sustainable future for Nærheden’s tenants and visitors.

Energy piling process, March 2024
Energy piling process, March 2024