Integrated energy solutions from Energy Machines: The key to outstanding energy performance

April 19, 2023

This article was featured in the quarterly journal "Grönt Samhällsbyggande" by Stordåhd Kommunikation on April 19, 2023. It can be found in the Q1 2023 publication on page 68, while pages 69 and 70 highlight the new geothermal-based integrated energy solution at Castellum's Domstolsverket in Jönköping, Sweden. Energy Machines played a significant role in this innovative project and is proud to be associated with it.

Click here to view the full Q1 2023 publication (Swedish), or read translated version of the article below.

Integrated energy solutions from Energy Machines are revolutionizing how buildings harness and use energy. This is the key to achieving superior energy performance with ambitious goals.

ENERGY MACHINES' comprehensive concept, with self-developed software, hardware, and services, makes the company a true one-stop-shop provider in building energy. With proven technology such as cooling heat pump-based energy systems integrated with geothermal energy storage and a flexible control concept, buildings are transformed into "energy machines" that can generate, store, and reuse their own energy. The result is a significant reduction in energy consumption, operating costs, and carbon footprint.

Building owners can not least meet the highest levels of energy within environmental certification systems. This opens up for green financing while increasing net operating income and property value.

"The building owner's path to success lies in identifying the right energy solution early on and designing the energy system as a whole. Our concept for an integrated energy system is based on minimizing, integrating, moving, and storing energy," says Martin Stålnacke, an energy engineer at Energy Machines.

By minimizing energy usage, cost-effective energy systems can be designed based on renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy. The next step is to integrate the energy sources into the building. For example, where cooling is produced, why waste the heat generated when there is a simultaneous heat demand? Instead, utilize it.

"Think of the concept of 'integrating energy sources,' that is, recycling heat and recycling cooling," Martin Stålnacke continues.

Energy Machines was engaged to deliver the geothermal plant at Jönköping district court in 2012. The neighboring property was also integrated into the energy system, increasing flexibility and profitability. Then the company was hired by Castellum for an energy survey of the entire Götaland block, where the Swedish National Courts Administration's new building is being completed. For the geothermal plant for this, Energy Machines has been involved in design, project management of the energy center, and delivery of its cooling heat pump system and control platform. The company has an extensive list of properties on its merit list.

A challenge in the industry is all the handovers that occur between companies and between individuals, where valuable information and knowledge are lost during the project. Therefore, Energy Machines participates in the entire value chain from pre-project to when the energy systems are in operation, with continued optimization.

"We develop both new and existing properties into 'energy machines,'" says Martin Stålnacke, "where property energy and operating costs are reduced by as much as 80 percent, and greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced to the same extent. In combination with solar cells and wind power, the systems become self-generating on local renewable energy for much of the year," concludes Martin Stålnacke.

By transforming every building into a high-performing energy machine, we can achieve a future where buildings contribute to accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.