Energy Machines helps Stockholm International Fairs attract international events

May 14, 2021

How does Energy Machines’ heat pump help Stockholm International Fairs win the battle for major international events? Real estate manager Leif Dahllöf explains how it works in a new film.

The international competition for home fairs and conferences is fierce. One factor that is becoming increasingly important for winning the battle is to be able to show that the fair facility is sustainable.

“Customers do not want any carbon dioxide impact on nature. They want as much sustainability as possible in waste, personnel, finances, CSR work, so on and so forth. Especially, international customers demand it more and more,” says Leif Dahllöf.

Energy Machines has installed a cooling heat pump that helps Stockholm International Fairs to recycle the energy that already exists in the building, which is a good thing because the fair uses both heating and cooling in different spaces all year round. In this way, one can radically cut down separate purchases of heat and cold and Energy Machines’ integrated energy system pays off in just four years.

“I’m no longer surprised. It is both profitable and sustainable and there are no disadvantages. Everyone wins”, says Leif Dahllöf.

Energy Machines creates sustainable property management with reduced climate impact and increased profitability. We help you increase your environmental responsibility and minimize energy costs with integrated system solutions that convert energy stored in rock, water and soil into self-produced heat, cooling and domestic hot water.