D. Carnegie & Co saves thousands of KWhs with geo energy and sub-cooling technology

May 14, 2021

Energy Machines’ system has a patented sub-cooling technology. An extra heat pump extracts residual energy in the refrigerant after the conventional process and gets out 30-35 percent more heat than the corresponding solutions in the market.

“It is a brilliant opportunity to make use of nature’s energy. It is also a good environmental choice to buy electricity from the sun and the wind as complements. We are almost climate neutral,” says Sune Eriksson.

Energy Machines creates sustainable property management with reduced climate impact and increased profitability. We help you increase your environmental responsibility and minimize energy costs with integrated system solutions that convert energy stored in rock, water and soil into self-produced heat, cooling and domestic hot water. D. Carnegie & Co restores the million areas program and invests billions of dollars in saving energy. Thanks to Energy Machines’ geo-energy system with sub-cooling technology, the investment makes a big difference. Watch the movie clip where D. Carnegie’s environmental manager, Sune Eriksson, tells how they expect to save 2,000 MWh on the new plant in the rental houses area Rönnholmsgränd in Stockholm, which corresponds to about 131 tons of carbon dioxide per year.