Cytiva™ is newly commissioned with an Energy Machines™ integrated system

November 22, 2022

Cytiva™, formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences, is a US-based life sciences company that places high standards on their on-site heating and cooling demands. With this in mind, the company sought after a better optimized, more climate-friendly solution for their manufacturing facility in Umeå, Sweden. Enter: Energy Machines.

The upgraded solution is comprised of:

• EMA0,5 integrated heat pump system (designed for 200 kW installed heating power)

• Geothermal energy storage, where thermal energy is stored and extracted from 14 boreholes at a depth of 275m

• Energy Machines Cloud control and monitoring

The project was brought to fruition with automation contractor UPT AB, building contractor OF Bygg AB, and Bravida AB as the project's driving force. We look forward to continued collaboration with these partners on future projects.