Geothermal energy storage enhances efficiency at Sandvik Coromant's Katowice Factory

November 21, 2023

Energy Machines celebrates five years of operational success at Sandvik Coromant's factory in Katowice, Poland, where our integrated energy system continues to meet its projected goals of reducing energy costs, minimizing the factory's carbon footprint, and improving the indoor environment.

Through the implementation of an integrated heat pump/chiller and heat recovery system, the 10,000 sqm facility has achieved an impressive 24% reduction in electricity consumption and a 40% decrease in natural gas usage. Building on this success, Sandvik Coromant has elected to take further steps to enhance energy savings and lower their carbon footprint by having geothermal energy storage implemented into the system, effectively creating an energy reservoir via 33 x 140m boreholes drilled in the ground next to the building.

With Energy Machines' modular approach to energy system design, the geothermal storage has been seamlessly integrated into the existing system. The modular approach allows for seamless scaling and efficient commissioning while maintaining high-performance operation of the system.

The upgraded system was commissioned in October and is now fully operational.

Energy Machines EMB (combined heat pump-chiller) in the energy central at Sandvik Coromant, Katowice, Poland

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