First geothermal well is drilled for energy-positive building in Nordhavn

June 28, 2023

An energy-positive building is underway in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, with the first Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) well being constructed at Tunnelfabrikken.

This 130m deep well, drilled by Brøndboringsfirmaet Brøker, is the first in a series of ATES wells for the 70.000m² mixed-use property. With ATES, the earth is used as a thermal battery — where heat and cold are stored seasonally to generate highly efficient carbon-free heating and cooling.

The ATES wells are a key component of an integrated energy system that will decarbonize Tunnelfabrikken's operations — enabling the property to generate more energy than it uses. This surplus energy can be shared with neighboring buildings.

The well being drilled this week plays a crucial role in quantifying the groundwater flow. This information will determine the total number of wells required to meet the energy needs of the property.

We are thrilled to be breaking ground, literally, on this essential project, and look forward to bringing the climate-positive energy system to life in Nordhavn.

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Stig Niemi Sørensen (CTO - ATES, Energy Machines) and Brøker's drilling rig on site at Tunnelfabrikken
Rock samples collected from drilling at 10-meter intervals