Judicial Centre in Örebro

Judicial Centre in Örebro

The Örebro Judicial Centre has an integrated energy system with energy storage (rock), supplying the property with low-grade energy. Stored energy cools the property in the summer. Heating and domestic hot water is produced in energy centres that process the low-grade energy into high-grade heat. On an annual basis, the installation has a total COP factor greater than 7.

Energy Consumption Reduction
CO2 reductions
Capital Expenditure
Savings on operating expenses
Payback period
of energy comes from renewable solar power

The property, owned by real estate company Norrporten, was awarded the annual environmental prize at the Örebro Gala 2014, among other things, for innovative energy solutions since it was built in 2011. The previous building of 16,000 sq m has now been expanded with an additional 22,000 sq m to reach a total of 38,000 sq m. Today, heating, cooling and domestic hot water are delivered to the preexisting property, the Survey Office (part of the Judicial Centre) from the new energy center. More than 85% of the energy used is renewable solar energy without combustion.

  • Previous energy solution total 1100 MWh/year or SEK 69 per kWh/year
  • Current energy solution total 295 MWh/year or SEK 12 per kWh/year

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