Frölunda Torg

Frölunda Torg

At Frölunda Torg, Energy Machines™ heat pumps use surplus heat from supermarket refrigeration and comfort cooling to create heating and hot water.

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At Skandia Fastigheter's Frölunda Torg shopping mall in Gothenburg, Sweden, we've introduced a solution that accelerates the region's transition to a fossil-free future. Energy Machines' heat pump technology is at the heart of this solution, ensuring efficient energy utilization and allowing thermal energy to be stored in the bedrock through boreholes. This implementation not only enhances the profitability and competitiveness of the shopping mall but also significantly reduces its carbon footprint.

Previously, this large property often faced the challenge of needing both heating and cooling simultaneously. However, with the installation of the new heat pumps, the property's energy system can now capture, store, and recycle excess heat effectively. Today, the mall benefits from surplus heat generated by an adjacent supermarket, further reducing the carbon footprint of all its tenants through a micro-grid connection.

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