Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport

Energy Consumption Reduction
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The establishment of one of Denmark's largest ATES plants to date ensures that the airport sector can meet the 2020 energy requirements for CO reduction.


When the other refrigeration systems are optimised, the system will cover the majority of the energy consumption for cooling the airport buildings.

Copenhagen Airports A/S expects to achieve a reduction in energy consumption by 4.5 GWh per year and a profit of 50 million by 2020.

Copenhagen Airports expects that with the installation they will achieve a reduction in energy consumption by4.5 GWh per year and thereby achieve a profit of

energy costs of as much as 50million by 2020.


The ATES plant is cooling about 10 times as efficiently as the existing plants which the ATES system will replace, with  R22 plants to be phased out by the end of 2014.


Installed in 2015, the plant is capable of delivering a cooling performance of up to 5 MW. The life of the plant is estimated at aminimum of 25 years and it has a payback period of about 6  years.

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