Energy Design, our method of implementing a sustainable energy solution

Energy Machines helps you and your company to make changes within your property. Our method of implementing a new energy solution has been developed for many years by working in projects with various tools. The method is built on collaboration between owners and employees in real estate, management and operations, and with selected consultants, suppliers and service personnel.

Review of the project organisation

The first step is to decide the formation of the steering group and the role of every member according to competence. Next, responsibility is allocated for each respective area, as are authorizations for each of the steering group members.

Action plan for the process of conversion

Together with our client, we agree on an action plan and the project tools which should be used in the process. Internal processes in the property are reviewed and a fundamental analysis of the energy performance is carried out. This is the foundation of a series of development measures. From this point on, we begin to see positive results from the work.

Key factors for a successful process

  1. We share the opinion that energy is a resource, where every kWh which can be saved, or produced cheaper, is important for increasing the value of a property.
  2. The company’s decision-makers are prepared to apply performance requirements to the energy field.
  3. The Energy Machines’ process methods are adopted by a steering group.

Once the Energy Design process is completed, the next step is to proceed with our Energy Management Program.

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