Convert to a sustainable energy solution with Energy Design

Reducing the energy consumption or cost is an important part of increasing the value of your property. If your share this opinion, you are welcome to start your conversion to a whole new energy design together with us.

Energy Design is our concept of designing the optimal energy system for your property. An energy investigation of the building’s demand of heat, cooling and domestic hot water decides the best solution for your property.

We design, plan and build local energy spaces which is adapted for self-produced energy from, for example, solar power or from energy stored in ground or water. A sustainable system solution of heating, cooling and domestic hot water reduces the energy costs up to 90 % in comparation to traditional techniques, such as district heating, cooling units or district cooling.

Our energy system enables a unique energy dynamic with individual heating and cooling control. The waste heat which is formed when cooling one part of the building, is used to heat another part. With the same strategy as Robin Hood, we take from the rich and give to the poor.