Reduced energy costs finances your investment and increase the property value

The energy savings achieved with Energy Machines integrated energy system releases capital which finances the investment. Reduced variable energy cost results in a lower total cost for your property. Simply, start paying yourself instead of the energy companies.

The added value every saved SEK generates varies among the country’s property companies, but the accepted range is between SEK 12 and 20. Most people regard low energy consumption as a positive factor in evaluations, and few investments will increase a property’s value in the way an integrated energy system does.

Climate smart investments that increase the company’s competitiveness and overall value are initiated based on this shared principle.

Let EnergyMachines™ convert the Earth’s resources into positive property value trends

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another. EnergyMachines™ challenges conventional technology and offers an integrated energy system as a sustainable solution.

Our integrated energy systems are optimised for each unique property where the energy stored in rocks, water and soil as well as internal loads in the form of heat from server rooms, refrigerated cabinets, chillers, etc. is recovered and returned to the property in the form of heat and cold. In other words, the resources of the earth are converted to increase the value of your property. The reduced energy use contributes to a more sustainable future.

Energy savings and competitive LCC calculation with an integrated energy system

Energy Machines intergrade energy system gives unique possibilities to produce heating, cooling and domestic hot water. Especially in commercial real estates, which often need heating and cooling at the same time all year round.

Financial calculations made for a normal year with a power need of 500 kW heating and 500 kW cooling shows an competitive LCC calculation. The investment cost for district heating and the connection charge is SEK 0. The investment cost for the Energy Machines’ system is set at around SEK 6.5 million.

Example: dwelling house
1,500 MWh heating, property approx 20,000 sq m

Operations (TSEK) Capital (TSEK) Maintenance (TSEK) Total (TSEK)
EnergyMachines™ 300 325 100 725
Regular heat pump 450 325 100 875
District heating 1 200 1 200

Example: offices, hospitals, hotels etc.
1 500 MWh heating + 750 MWh cooling, property approx 20,000 sq m

Operations (TSEK) Capital (TSEK) Maintenance (TSEK) Total (TSEK)
EnergyMachines™ 350 375 100 825
Regular heat pump 500 375 100 975
District heating/cooling 1 600 1 600

Input data Price per kWh: District heating SEK 0.80 District cooling SEK 0.53 Electricity SEK 1.00. Utilisation 20 years.