EnergyMachines™, the heart of an integrated energy system for cooling, heating and domestic hot water in real estate

EnergyMachines™ is the heart of an integrated energy system which provides properties with heating, cooling and domestic hot water. All in one device and at the same time, in an ongoing cycle of energy stored in ground and water. Achieve maximum energy performance with an energy system that can process added energy to deliver COP 10 (or better) at the simultaneous production of heating and cooling.

Cooling units and heat pumps can transport more thermal energy than the mechanical energy which is needed to drive the process. This is the basic principle of EnergyMachines™ integrated energy system. Through recovery of high-performance thermal energy, EnergyMachines™ is up to 35 percent more efficient (on an annual basis) than a standard heat pump.

Reduced climate impact and energy costs with an integrated energy system

EnergyMachines™ is a cooling unit and a heat pump in one and the same system. Or independent heat pump or cooling unit, depending on your needs. With our patented process, we provide your property with optimal operation, comfort and sustainability. The result brings better climate comfort with reduced energy costs and climate impact.


Efficiency up to COP 10

EnergyMachines™ can reach an efficiency above COP 10 in the production of cooling, heating and domestic hot water. Or more than COP 5 for heating and hot water on annual basis. The machines have a power range from 150 kW and up.

* COP = Coefficient of Performance. Shows the relationship between how much the energy system provides and how much it consumes for its operation. Higher the COP, higher the efficiency of the equipment.

High-quality components make EnergyMachines™ unique on the market

The components used to build the EnergyMachines™ are some of the best on the market and ensure an integrated energy system of the highest quality. The result is a sustainable and cost-efficient system with a long lifespan.