Flexible air handling units optimised for every uniqe project

ClimateMachines™ is available as site-built (Custom) or as module and unit aggregate. The highest possible seal integrity class is the result of a tailor-made system optimised especially for your property and its conditions.

Flexible design with insulating material

The walls and ceiling of the ClimateMachines™ are made of Isolamin. Thin sheet metal is glued on both sides of the insulating core material. The parts are assembled with a unique C-joint which comes with a number of advantages such as a smooth wall surface, stability, flexibility and replaceability. The walls can be furnished with supplementary sound insulation if needed.

Fans with extremely low noise levels

ClimateMachines™ have direct-drive plug fans with EC motors for minimal possible electricity consumption. Fan impellers with high efficiency and low sound emissions in a fan system equipped with a measurement outlet on the inlet cone, inlet gasket and the vibration damper. The EC motor has integrated electronics ready-made for variable speed control with a 0-10 V signal. The fan’s integration into the air handling unit results in extremely low noise levels.

Heat exchanger with efficiency of 90 per cent

Channel sheets of recycled polycarbonate with spacers of polyethylene designed for a temperature transfer efficiency of 90 per cent as a standard. At the base of the heat exchanger a drain is placed to gather the condensate and excess water from the evaporative cooling.

Filters with a high separation degree and a long life-span

A compact filter with creased panels I a V-shape, Camfil Opakfil Energy, ensure a high separation degree. Designed flow is 300 l/s/filter but the chosen filters are for 1 000 l/s/filter. This means a long life-span and the best economy. The filter’s vast surface also results in a low pressure drop.

Bypass dampers with continuous regulation

Continuous regulation of supply and exhaust air up to 100 per cent results in low operational costs.

Coils with a low pressure drop

Liquid-coupled combi-coils of the flexicoil variety are used for temperature adjustment which ensures low pressure drops. The coils are optimised for our integrated energy systems.

Evaporative cooling with minimal water consumption

With evaporative cooling ClimateMachines™ can deliver supply air between 20°C and 22°C at an outdoor temperature of 20°C to 30°C. Nozzles with a 70 µm water drop size and a water flow of 4 litres/hour, as well as humidity control with solenoid valves in three steps, gives minimal water use.

Control and regulation

As a standard we deliver ControlMachines™ together with all projects. The SCADA-software is optimised for monitoring, control and data collection. Communication to the other systems in the building takes place via standard protocol Modbus TCP.