Climate Machines™ air handling unit with verified 90% efficiency

ClimateMachines™ is an air handling unit which guarantees a reliable indoor climate with a low operation cost, all year round. The heart of the unit is a FTX heat exchanger which works in two steps, without leakage between the supply and extract flow. ClimateMachines™ is available as location built “custom” which gives it full flexibility and a more area efficient installation, or as a module- and unit aggregate.

High performance and good comfort

The highest possible density with materials adapted for the offshore market, together with the pressure set between extract air and supply air ensures that no contamination of the supply air occurs. The unit greatly reduces or even eliminate the need for district heating and cooling due to the evaporative technology, which gives up to 90 percent lower cost than conventional options.

Custom design

The location built unit is custom made for the airflow need of the building and allows installation even in narrow spaces. Conventional air handling units like rotary heat exchanger often needs a big space and run-around coil solutions usually occupies several areas like basement and attic. Due to ClimateMachines™ flexible custom solution the need for bigger reconstruction of the building is avoided and space can at best be released.

Module- and unite aggregate

The Module- and unite aggregates comes with the same verified high performance as the custom built.

Unite aggregate
500 – 2000 l/s
Module aggregate
2000 – 8000 l/s


  • Custom design – location build, adjustable construction gives optimal solution on a small surface.
  • Module- and unite aggregate, all in the same chassi.
  • Few movable parts results in minimal maintenance.
  • Evaporative cooling provides comfort cooling for 0,4 SEK/ kWh.
  • Reduced power peaks gives lower fixed fees and reduced investment costs.
  • Frequency controlled EC fans provide low SFP values.
  • Walls and ceilings consist of Isolamin with the highest density and finish.
  • Tested by the National Testing Station showing 0 percent contamination between supply and supply air.