Take control of your energy consumption and climate issues through sustainable property operations

We help you to take control over your energy consumption and the climate issue by looking at the whole property and its unique prerequisites. You get the optimal energy solution which reduces the climate impact and the CO2 emissions, as well as reducing your energy costs for heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water. Energy Machines offers a unique integrated energy system solution for an economically sustainable operating management.

The reduced energy cost finances your investment and increase the property value

The energy saving you achieve with Energy Machines’ integrated energy system releases capital which finances the investment. A reduced variable energy cost results in a reduced total cost for the property. Thus, you give money to yourself instead of to the energy companies. An increased operating surplus also increases the value of your property.

Energy Machines helps you to fulfil your vison of sustainable property management

We work with the ambition to realise your vision of a sustainable property management, with the focus on significantly reduce the energy cost and increase the environmental reasonability on a long-term global perspective. Our holistic view of energy solutions includes people, property, economy and environment.

Energy solutions for environmentally certified properties

Energy Machines’ energy solutions help you to achieve environmentally certification, such as LEED, BREAM, Green building, Svensk Miljöbyggnad, and others.