Welcome to our lunch event

Energy is the single largest variable cost in a property. In an optimized system you can save money on energy while also benefiting the environment. Welcome to our lunch event where we offer inspiration and expertise about how you as a property owner can lower operating costs and increase the value of your property while meeting ever more demanding environmental standards.

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Coming lunch event

Stockholm 19 January
Lund 25 January
Göteborg 31 January
Stockholm 16 February
Malmö 23 February
Göteborg 28 February
More dates to come…

At our well-attended lunch event you find out how to:

  • Reduce energy costs for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
  • Improve the ability to environmentally certify your buildings.
  • Produce cooling, heating and domestic hot water with high efficiency with the aid of Energy Machines.
  • Increase competitiveness to gain new tenants.
  • Increase the appreciation of a single property or an entire holding.
  • Optimize heat recovery with Climate Machines.