Energy Machines’ environmental policy

Energy Machines supplies products and services that streamline customer operations, processes and flows within the energy sector. We contribute to annual reductions in the amount of greenhouse gases by thousands of tons through efficient systems that reduce energy consumption. This environmental policy constitutes the basis of our environmental efforts. It defines how we impact the environment, who within the organization is responsible and how the environmental policy is given objectives and put into action.

Energy Machines’ responsibilities

Energy Machines pursues active environmental management in collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders and strives to meet and exceed expectations. At the very least, Energy Machines must comply with applicable legal requirements with regard to its environmental aspects and, in the few applicable parts of the operation, prevent the occurrence of pollution.

The managing director is the person within Energy Machines ultimately responsible for compliance with legislation. The environmental policy is communicated to all employees within the company. It is also the responsibility of respective branch office managers to make sure employees subject to specific objectives, policies, procedures or other information are provided with such.

It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with the rules and procedure the company has set up for its environmental work. Environmental management in the office is handled by the administrative personnel. The purchaser concerned is responsible for ensuring environmental considerations are taken into account in purchases for the company.

Environmental aspects

Within its operation, the company has identified the following areas as its most important from an environmental perspective.

  • Recycling
    Energy Machines’ operation is largely characterized by office work and waste of different kinds such as paper, packaging, electronics, fluorescent lamps and batteries occurs in day-to-day work. The company seeks to reduce the amount of waste and make sure that what does occur is recycled in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Purchases
    In the case of purchases, it is primarily by choosing the best supplier or product in environmental terms that Energy Machines can reduce its environmental impact. The environment must be included as a parameter in all purchases and procurements of products and systems. Consumables purchased should bear one or more of the well-established environmental marks.
  • Energy
    The operation consumes energy in the form of heat, hot water and electrical power. Energy Machines works both to reduce energy consumption and to ensure that the energy used is eco-friendly.
  • Travel
    In the case of business travel, any of the following methods must always be considered wherever reasonable. Switching transport method to a more eco-friendly alternative e.g. rail instead of air, and the use of alternatives to travel such as video conferencing.

Environmental objectives and self-monitoring

Environmental work and reducing the company’s environmental impact is under constant development. Every year, the environmental policy is updated and based on this environmental goals and action plans are drawn up to achieve the identified environmental aspects.

Checks must be carried out every year to see if environmental objectives are met. Where this is not the case, an action plan is drawn up. The head of administration is responsible for self-monitoring activities.