Europe's Largest Logistics Center

Europe's Largest Logistics Center

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Location: Denmark

Sector: Logistics

Floor area: ~300.000m2

Energy system: Geothermal integrated energy solution with ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage)

Cooling capacity: 2,2 MW

Heating capacity: 4,9 MW

COP heating: 3,7-4,5

COP cooling: 50

A global leader in freight forwarding and logistics is setting a new standard for logistics decarbonization with their new ~300.000m2 logistics center in northern Denmark. The facility features a geothermal integrated energy system supplied by Energy Machines, in collaboration with Danfoss Climate Solutions, which utilizes an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system to efficiently heat and cool the property using 100% renewable energy. The property includes 239.000m2 of warehouse space, 50.000m2 of cross-docking facilities, and 18.000m2 of office space across several buildings.

Summer cooling: With the ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) system, cold groundwater is pumped up during the summer to cool the various buildings across the property. Through a heat exchanger, the groundwater absorbs heat from the buildings. Heat is stored in the natural aquifer beneath the buildings using several wells screened within the aquifer.

Winter heating: In winter, the groundwater flow direction reverses and the heat exchangers now absorb the heat stored in the aquifer.

Seven Energy Machines™ EMT heat pumps then transfer this heat from the heat exchangers to heat up the buildings, ensuring efficient heating even in low temperatures. At the same time, cold is stored in the the Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage in the ground.

EMT heat pumps are equipped with Danfoss Turbocor® oil-free compressors, renowned for their exceptional efficiency in cases with large heating and cooling requirements.

This system guarantees year-round comfort and sustainability by harnessing the earth's natural thermal storage for highly efficient heating and cooling.

One significant advantage of ATES for the logistics center is the stable source temperature provided for the heat pumps throughout the year. This temperature of the aquifer remains higher than the ambient temperature during the heating season, making it ideal for water-to-water heat pumps. Heating is achieved with an approximate COP* of 3,7-4,5, compared to 2,5-3 for an air-to-water solution.

Additionally, the system provides almost free cooling in the summer, with minimal electricity consumption for the heat pumps (COP = 50).

The integrated energy system is designed to operate with nearly zero CO2 emissions, aligning with the client’s commitment to green energy solutions. Energy Machines is proud to contribute to the client’s ambitious sustainability goals, creating a logistics center that serves as a benchmark for future sustainable energy developments in the logistics sector.

*COP, or Coefficient of Performance, represents the relationship between the power (kW) drawn from the system for cooling or heating and the power (kW) supplied to the compressor.

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